Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Launch

We've heard about it for months and now it's just around the corner ! Isabel Marant's collection for H&M
will be launched this Thursday.

I guess many of you already have picked out your favorite pieces and are ready to go in for the kill in order to get them safely home. I have, and on the top of my wishlist is the men's coat, a must for me since I have no coat (when in need, a good excuse will always come in handy). Apart from that, I really look forward seeing all the other pieces, like the chunky sweathers, the leather pants, the men's low boots, the linen T's, the ... Well everything really : the entire collection had the same effect on me that her runways shows : total inspiration orgie !
One other thing I can't wait for is the setting ... I bet the scenary is going to be genius, total Isabel Marant-ish boho chic ! 

It also looks like the prices are wallet-friendly but I hope the quality lives up to the expectations. I guess it will cause I'm working right next to her head-office and I've spotted some of the girls working there wearing pieces from the collection and the manufacture looks good ! 

The collection is being launched worldwide this Thursday (November 14th) but H&M is organizing with ELLE magazine a pre-launch and you'll never guess what : I won my first contest ever ! I'll try to snap some pictures for you as long as I'm not being stumped down by some crazy people !

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