Thursday, October 17, 2013

Touches Olfactives

I should have called this post #TrowbackThursday. My mother has always worn N.5 by Chanel and it's almost metalic aura is ankred in me. The other day, one of my favorite clients came by the shop and it was surreal. She was wearing Chanel N.5 and had just finished her cigarette : with that combination, it was almost like my mother were there.
Over the years, I've been playing with the idea of wearing it myself, like an heirloom. It represent more than my mother's perfume. She has been wearing it ever since she was 18 (my mother is a very dedicated woman) and this scent to me represent something unique, untorn by time, like a statement.
It's funny how we put so much importance to something rather superficial. I guess that is what makes an Icon.

ps : the crumpled paper is a good idea when your scented candles are all out : put three of them on a shelf. Graphic and unexpected.

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